Maundy Thursday

7pm Gathering via Zoom (Hosted by Susanna)

A great opportunity to join together seeking God and digging deeper in worship; an open time with the word, prayer, singing, silence.

Good Friday

Morning Prayer

9am via Zoom (Hosted by Peter)

Good Friday Morning

11am - 12 noon Way of the Cross via Zoom (Hosted by Peter)

Time to follow The Passion Story through Bible readings and interacting creatively

Good Friday Evening

7pm Gathering via Zoom (Hosted by Susanna)

Time of fellowship, worship and praise together

Sunday Morning

10.00am Sing Resurrection on Easter Day

Christians across Britain are invited to go outside and join a countrywide chorus at 10.00 am on Easter Sunday by singing two popular and well-known hymns: Christ is Risen Today and Thine be the Glory.

10.30am St Bride’s Online Service on Youtube.

First part will be full on participatory, maybe-chaos, where we will use phone, social media like Facebook, Instagram and the Youtube chat to be joyous and encouraging etc. Maybe you’ll even be invited to show yourself to the world via Zoom to Youtube!