Dear St Bride's people.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the Church of England has paused all public worship and so there will not be a service this Sunday at St Bride's, nor will there be until we are told that they can continue. Also all small group meetings are paused.

We are currently working on what this means for us and it will most likely involve technology although we are seeing if the church can be open at prayer times for people to enter to pray - following guidance at keeping a distance and good hygiene.

To help us keep everyone connected we are making sure we have got people's up to date contact details, so if you are able do please email with a current email address or mobile number. This is not going to be given or sold to any other party, business or organisation and is to be used for the sole purpose of the pastoral work and ministry of the church. I and my household are currently in self-isolation and have already appreciated being part of the church networks and hope others can be linked in too. If you have a smart phone do please think about using apps like Instagram, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp if not already doing so as they will become invaluable in the weeks to come.

So please watch this space, and us on Facebook and Instagram @stbridesoldtrafford (@stbridesyouth for youth related ministry)

May God bless you through the rest of this week even with all the difficulties we are having.

Rev'd Peter Matthews